Our transformation sale has been doing very well since last November and we are wrapping up our sale with the great spirit of our enchanting Dragon at to start our new on line journey from April 2! Please come in our store to enjoy Everything is On Sale from 18% to 60% disocunt! We are closing our Physical Store in Westboro after 33 years of retail legacy of serving 2 vibrant communitiies of the Glebe and Wesboro in Ottawa!
East Wind, a cherished family business establised in 1990, have been serving Ottawa for the past 33 years, now we are completing our physical retail store with gratitude and blessing! For our transformation into the new path of on line platform and Feng Shui new chapter, you are invited to join in our grand in store slae! As a token of appreciation, you are invited to join in our New Year Dragon year huge sale with great Feng Shui tips on transforming into our new energy period 9 for prosperity and success. please send text to 613 286 2806 for all the details with Maggie. Namaste with blessing!
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    About Us

    East Wind, truly a family business started in July 1987 by Neil, Joan & David selling hand-made products from Asia at the Stittsville Flea Market every Sunday.

    Family Grows together with communities

    We opened a retail store in Ottawa in 1990 in the Glebe to meet the family growth as Asian specialty shop with good collections of top quality of Asian style products from Japan, Korea, China, Tibet and Nepal.

    In year 2004, we opened our Westboro location for transformation into the new journey of Feng Shui; Wellbeing services and green products.

    Feng Shui Institute is born

    At East Wind, we believe the natural interactions or Eco-system between Heaven, People & Earth. Our Feng Shui Institute is being born in Wesboro with passion and inner strengthen of Yin & Yang. It has been bridging all walks of life with different levels of teachings, certificate or non- certificate program and consultancy of all levels from the living skill and scientific knowledge approaches. FengShui cultivates, transform and clarify your true life essence of each unique life journey leading to good health and harmony, the foundation for happiness and success.

    Maggie Huang, Master Feng Shui Practitioner and Consultant Maggie, the family business owner, who went through practice and international study under world-renowned Feng Shui master and author Lillian Too.

    Maggie achieved the level of Master Feng Shui practitioner and consultant and has been providing professional consultations for homes and businesses since 2001, she lives in Ottawa with her family in Ottawa since 1993.

    East Meets West

    We connect living skills and wisdom of east to the west for balance, harmony and fulfillment with completeness of two opposite forces, the nature of Yin and Yang.