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Half of our Rabbit year is done now, it will be a great time to offer the house/home cleansing and blessing now, which will shift our living space into a new energy cycle of prosperity and new chi momentum. Please consult Maggie for how and who to do! Namaste with joys!
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    Water Rabbit Year Annual Workshop 2023

    Water Rabbit Year Annual Workshop 2023


    Annual workshop of our diplomatic, adaptable, evolving and skillful Water Rabbit! It is the year of inevitable changes, transition and evolution shifting us into our new new realities.   

    In the blink of an eye, our Rabbit year jumps in earlier at January 22, Sunday 2023. With the adventurous and aggressive Tiger fading out and we are ready to embrace our rabbit year with good spirit of relationship chi and social network support. Rabbit can be gentle, caring, flexible, adaptable, diplomatic with great management and negotiation skill or she can be jumpy, speedy or tricky with hidden agendas and jealousy.   Yes, this is going to be a year of abundance of love, opportunities, renewal and regenerations with less extreme and chaos from the tiger year when we can understand the energy basket of this Rabbit and feng shui tools for balance and harmony.

    Based on the birth chart of 2023, the physical strength and inner spirit of the rabbit are strong with improved stability! She brings plenty of fire and wood that are full of passion, excitement, innovation and new achievement as well as wealth luck. But fire burns and cleanses and it never still and wood amplifies the fire, which can become out of control and ends with destruction. It is also a great year to reinforce the network, redefine the platform, as well as for self- reshaping and renewal, which leads to new life force of success and happiness. However, this rabbit year does not bring any metal energy with her and her earth energy is weak at the same time. Which indicates weak leadership, authority and luck of resources from time to time.  Just make sure to keep adding the metal, earth and gentle water energies into our home and work for balance and reshaping, so we can enjoy the best of our rabbit year for health, love and success.

    At the same time, we need to be aware the sickness moves from the Center of last year into the NW sector of our home and work place, which needs to be protected and healed with spiritual metal element. 

    The good news is that Rabbit is a symbol of love, family and long life. As in this year water Rabbit promises great relationship and family luck, as well as project completion luck and new life force.

    Let's get started with Maggie with her Feng Shui New Year workshop of the Water Rabbit to renew and regenerate and get ready for the grand new universal energy cycle and for all the details that matter in our life for health, wealth, happiness and success.

    Dates:  January 15 (Sunday from 11 to 5), January 28 (Sat. 10:30am to 4:30pm) for advanced level of people who has completed the certificate or 4 pillars of destiny program from10:30 to 4:30pm on Zoom $199+hst=$224.88 (up to 12 people in each date)

    Sundays January 29 Or February 4 Saturday (11 to 5:00pm) for the medium level from 10:45am to 4:45pm on Zoom $168+hst =$189.84Registration now one line or e-transfer tofengshuiottawa@rogers.com or call 613 286 2806 for more details.

     On site studio option for all levels: Feb.05 Sunday  and 11, Saturday from 10:30am to 4:30pm $199+hst=$224.88 (limited to 6 persons for each date.

    Stay healthy and new vision with open mind and heart for new journey of 2023!

    Namaste with new year’s blessing!

    All workshops will be on Zoom Platform mainly by Maggie Huang

    Feng Shui Institute at 361 Richmond Rd. Ottawa Westboro



    Gemstone Pendulum with Feng Shui Magic for Clarity and Vision

    Gemstone Pendulum with Feng Shui Magic for Clarity and Vision


    As we have experienced and learned so much of the past 3 years and swimming through our Tiger year with some layers of extreme, seeking guidance & divination for our unknown and known will be very powerful for our quality of life! Here comes my beloved workshop for gemstone pendulums with FengShui magic. This can align us with nature, living space and our life purpose thorough harmony and true sense. This workshop also guides us into the new year of Water Rabbit with Karma and destiny essence, so that we can get rewarded or reshaped in our new version of happiness and success.

    Under the world of Feng Shui, there are 3 main energy dimensions: Heaven/Nature, People (ourselves) and Earth (living space). The constant interaction of these dimensions creates an infinite energy wheel for all walks of life, right from the beginning to the end of our life journey.

    As we are engaging the end of pandemic, asking for help and guidance through our thousand year old tool, the enchanting gemstone pendulums can be amazingly magical, particularly when you align with the nature and earth! Let’s walk with Maggie into the world of gemstone pendulums: from how to choose, program and consult your own pendulum team with Feng Shui perspective, to personalizing your unique consulting strategy based on your birth chart and Chinese horoscope sign. Maggie will show all you will need to start your consultation and divination from your personal pendulum team, as well as show you how to best benefit from them and find answers to the unknown and the known. ( on site studio workshop, limited to 6 persons for each workshop)

    Dates: Feb. 28 Tuesday  6 to 8:30pm Registration: www.eastwindottawa.ca or fengshuiottawa@rogers.com

    $60.00 payment on line by E-transfer or credit card