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    The year of Earth Pig Write up

    Feng Shui for year of the pig

    Feng Shui 2019/the interesting year of diplomatic Earth Pig

    The last year of 60 years cycle and the beginning of the new one/ very Interesting and diplomatic with opposite forces together 

    It will be a year to stay neutral and open minded and ready to take the leap to new ideas and non traditional approach, a year of being mindfulness and philosophical. This year benefits those born in the year of Dragon, Horse, Rooster, Dog, Rat, Ox, and Rabbit; while tiger, sheep, pig, snake and monkey can face some challenges and set backs, who need to have a jade PiYao amulet to ward off the unwanted flow.

    The purple happy star of 9 flies into the NW of the year’s Flying Star Feng Shui chart indicate happiness and future success for man of the family and mature leader. And the good fortune and prosperous star flies into the centre, which benefit all of us in general! It will be a great year to realize your own fortune and start your beginning successfully! Be ready for the windfall and seize any opportunity along your new page!

    Younger daughters and woman are doing well, so promotion & success comes naturally for them; Eldest and middle daughters of the family will face challenges and set back in general. Middle son will excel in academics and relationship luck, while the eldest son enjoys authority luck with strong mentor. Mother and mature female will be weak in health and leadership.

    Business related to fire and water elements will do well, such as technology, electronic, IT and on line business, as well as utilities company; as for water related business, that will be the tourist, transportation, retail, hotel and entertainment. Business related to earth and wood element will be neutral, such as construction, housing market and education and health care industry. Business related to metal will be weak, such as banking, financial investment.

    Sectors of Your Home or Office for 2019

    Centre 8: Prosperity & wealth                                 
    NW 9:   Future success and Happiness
    SW   5:   Misfortune
    West 1: Career, cash flow & academic luck   
    NE   2:   Illness
    East 6:   Authority, indirect wealth & Mentor
    North 4: Education and Relationship luck      
    SE   7:   Financial Loss
    South 3: Disagreement


    The centre of the home, living room, dinning room, family, office and bedroom will benefit from the energy of prosperity and wealth greatly in this year. Which connects the whole family and all team members.   Place a purple/green turtle with an amethyst /citrine cluster in the centre of home, room, working table and between mattresses for direct connection to such a great energy of prosperity for health and happiness.

    The number 8 will be the magic number in this sector to tap into maximum good energy. When it comes to wealth and finances, energies 4 corners of the centre grid of the house, office with a blessing coin and a gemstones inside a red envelopes to get ready to receive good fortune; create a wealth box or placing 8 selenite stones or citrine points will be sure to attract wealth and success.   Or activate the centre sector of home, office and living room with water fountain by having art work of water fall for income luck and promotion. As well, keep the centre room of the house bright with a selenite mountain lamp to stimulate your good fortune to wealth and happiness.

    Education/ Social Network and Love Luck 4 (north sector)

    North brings great love luck and academic luck to middle son of the family, as well as good social network at the work place. But the rest of us can do these following to connect and benefit the relationship and helpful people luck:

    Place 4 bamboo plants plants with 4 blessing cranes/water fountain with 4 green (aventurine) gemstones / a symbol of Life of Tree on the north sector in the office, study desk and living/dinning room. You can also place your horoscope allies on the north of your bedroom/office/family room to attract love and team work/clients luck. Hang a green crystal ball in the north window to catch or inviting a sand picture in this north sector of your living space will be helpful to strengthen your creativity and success.

    Ladies shall carry tree of life/love/Om aromatherapy pendent or year of the Pig bracelet for romantic and true love luck.

    Victory /Career luck star 1 (West Sector, metal energy)

    The auspicious energy of water white star of 1 flies to the West, which bring career advancement and success to new project or life journey.

    It will benefit the people who have their personal energy numbers of 2, 6, 7, 8 more directly for for those who were born in the year of Rooster.

    Place a water fountain or a sand picture on this sector in your working place or living/family/dinning room to activate .

    Invite a blue turtle with 6 of I Ching coins in the West of your living/dinning/family room or office/entrance to protect and secure.

    Place your desk on the West sector of facing to the West while you are at the table to align with this good magnetic energy.

    Future success and Happiness 9 ( NW Sector)

    The happy purple star lands in the NW sector with happiness and future success. It brings good fortune to business and growth to other projects, as well as happiness to the family and marriage luck and integrity of the organization.

    Father of the family or senior male leadership can benefit this great energy more directly.

    Hang a purple/amber/red crystal ball in NW facing windows of your home and office to attract and magnify; place a crystal selenite lamp on the NW sector of your bedroom to activate your relationship happiness and family joy and to uplifting your project success and good leadership at work.

    It will be a great place for large buddha statue and spiritual image for authority luck and higher spirit of inner strength.

    Heaven’s Authority and Mentor Luck 6 (East Sector)

    Extremely good heaven’s authority and mentor luck will visit the East sector in 2019. It is the indirect wealth star bringing unexpected good fortune, particularly to the eldest son of the family or senior team leader at work, as well as for those born in the year of the rabbit.

    To tap into such a great power, you can practice the following:

    Hang/invite a wooden/gemstones 108 beads Mala with 6 I Ching coins to the east sector of your home or office to connect and benefit;

    hang 6 crystal balls to the east facing windows or displace 6 blessing cranes with 6 blessing rings in the east sector to attract good fortune or heavenly wealth to your investment;

    Or write yourself a cheque and place it in the east sector with 6 smooth selenite palm stones inside a wooden box wth symbol of the tree of life for wealth luck;

    Place a white crystal singing bowls on the east of the family/living room or office to activate and nourish the great mentor luck and unexpected wealth!! As well, you can use this magical bowl to create blessing water to bless the the home and work place by spreading the spiritual water for wealth and happiness by walking clockwise from the entrance of the room 6 times.

    Violent or Unstable Energy 7 (South East Sector)

    The East has a negative influence for 2019. This indicates robbery, financial loss and violence. To protect the family, particularly the eldest daughter, to deflect this negativity and to ensure the south east of the house being calm and peaceful. Here are some of remedies:

    Place a blue glass turtle, hang a sandalwood/lapis with lava beads on the SE sector of the house and office to stabolize and protect;

    Invit the Lady Buddha of Compassion Kuan Yin for harmony and love or a happy Buddha/Om for transformation.

    The harmful energy is particularly bad for those who were born in the year of Snake and dragon, so they need to wear/carry their jade allies (horoscope or personal amulet) or Jade PiYao/amethyst mala as Guardians. Place a selenite lamp on this sector can burn down the harmful energy of metal. Avoid having metal energy here.

    Illness Energy 2 ( NE Sector)

    The Illness Star of 2 is affecting youngest son of the family son, those born in the year of Ox and Tiger will connect with this illness in particular. To protect and counter off this sickness, you can hang 6 tubed metal wind chime in the NE on the main floor of your home; invite a Tibetan Singing bowl to the NE sector for those who have their bedrooms in the NE sector. And hang a sandal mala with 6 blessing rings on the NE sector on the 2nd floor of your home to counter the illness off. Avoid having fire and earth energies in this sector, place a bowl of sage with palo Santo wood in the NE sector to cleanse the illness all the time.

    Five Yellow Misfortune Energy 5 (SW Sector)

    This is the most feared energy in the Feng Shui annual chart as it brings severe misfortune and bad luck. The best way to counter this energy is simply to vacate the room afflicted by it. Do not play loud music or have the television here. Do not dig, or construct in this SW of your garden and do not cut down any trees there this year. Do not do any major renovation or update in this SW sector inside the house.

    Display a Tibetan Singing Bowl with a blue glass turtle or hang a 6 metal tubed wind chime with a harmonious tune or a metal Gourd inside a blue bowl in the SW sector of the house or office or in the major rooms, such as living/dinning /bedroom to cleanse and protect.

    Avoid having your bed in the SW sector or a SW sleeping direction.

    For the mother or mature female senior and those born in the year of sheep or monkey should wear/carry a sandalwood/lapis mala, copper bangle, Jade allies or Jade Pi Yao for protection. Avoid having fire and earth energies.

    Disagreement Energy 3 (South Sector)

    The year of the earth brings quarrels, fights, aggravation and misunderstanding to the middle daughter of the families and some argument between the younger generation and older generation.

    Place a selenite lamp on the South sector of the house or office to counter off disagreement, and invite a Large Red Happy Buhhda to this sector to be very helpful. Display a symbol of harmony or peace to balance and to keep the disagreement under control. Avoid having plant or water energy here.

    Note: To connect and activate the most luckiest purple star of 9 this year, please put on our Year of the pig bracelets of Wealth & Prosperity/ Love & Happiness! And carry your personal horoscope allies/amulet to start your first page with a good beginning.

    To maximize your luck for this new year, it is vital to update the Feng shui of your home, take action now.