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Our Golden Fall is getting strong every day now, it is the perfect time to tap into feng shui strength for health love and new directions. We are right here to walk with you!
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    Out of the April and May, the storm of Pandemic, Comes the passion and wealth along our Feng Shui Journey!

    Out of the April and May, the storm of Pandemic, Comes the passion and wealth along our Feng Shui Journey!

    April showers and May flowers produce fire to ignite passion, love and wealth in June and July ( A Brand New Feng Shui workshop for Adventure! )

    According to the time concept Feng Shui, the defining energy flow of our nature, shifts it’s inner chi each month on top of the annual energy stars. This means there is the main annual energy star in each of the 9 grids, where you will find 2 numbers: The big number indicates the annual star and the small number indicates the monthly star. Based on what we have learned and practiced with April Flying Star feng shui, now we can foresee and anticipate the next 3 months’ energy shifting patterns, so we can prepare our ticket and get ready to fly to our own destiny that make unique sense for each of us.

    From our humble, down to earth attitude and aim high spirit in April and May, we have aligned ourselves between heaven and Earth, the higher spirit from the heaven and the grounding life force of our personal inward reflection/family root. This helps us to build the great powerful engine for good growth in June and July. As the water element of April stimulates the wood element of May, (April showers bring May flowers), which can produce the fire to feed June and July for what we really need to move forward and ignite our passion. This is very fortunate indeed when we have been accumulating our energies and resources for the last 10 weeks. Actions and forward momentum are definitely in the air, let’s open our arms to embrace and venture out with Maggie!

    Let’s see what we can do, and what we can achieve after this Pandemic Storm! Dates: Thursday May 14   Or Saturday May 16 from 2:30 to 5:30pm Registration: www.eastwindottawa.ca or fengshuiottawa@rogers.com

    Deflecting COVID 19 with Feng Shui's Resilience and Perseverance

    Deflecting COVID 19 with  Feng Shui's Resilience and Perseverance



    My beloved feng shui family,

    The world has not seen a pandemic this SEVERE for years or in our life! Our hearts are aching whenever we think of those who are suffering and losing their loved ones from this brutal COVID-19 on our earth. Now, under this lockdown mode, it is very clear that we are part of the team to fight against this fatal illness by social isolation and distancing.

    However, this distancing and lockdown only separates our physical self. Mindfully and spiritually, we have never been apart. It does not matter if you feel weak, stressed, or are being challenged; whether you feel strong and want to help others in these extremely challenging times. We are in the same energy wheel aligning to the constant flow between Nature, People and Earth.

    While there is no doubt that there will be immense health, social, economic and lifestyle impacts, we must continue to trust the nature vital chi and know that the crisis will settle down. We will come out of this with improved societal structures. Our resilience and perseverance will be tested in these difficult times, but we will grow from our mistakes. We will win over COVID-19 regardless!

    Here are 8 things to do to reinforce our inner strength, to make life easier, and even thrive in these challenging times:

    1. Set your new daily routine according to the sun’s movement clockwise: get up in the morning before 9:00 am, do some physical exercise or meditation to connect with the fire energy of the sun; go to bed before 11:00pm for recharging and nourishment of the water element of that time. As fire and water can be a good team to counter off the COVID 19, the lung sickness belongs to metal elements. As fire melt the harmful metal and water exhausts it.
    2. Get out of your pyjamas and set the schedule for productivity: such as making a good meal and enjoying it with your family; cleaning your room/house for about 30 minutes each day, find one activity to do together with family or friends online.
    3. Bless your home, family, and friends with incense or essential oil candles: Such as offering incense in the centre, west or northwest of your home/room while visualizing a purple light travelling through your home/room clockwise for safety and protection. This is helpful because the fire energy is very helpful to deflect the harmful metal energy of the lung illness. And you can reach out to friends and family with this blessing spirit by calling or texting them. The best time to send your blessing will be 9:19am 11:11am, 18:18pm
    4. Write about your life purpose/Passions/true happiness: just let your imagination go and ask yourself, what is my passion /true happiness? What do I live for? What is my true list of things that I would love to do when we are out of this quarantine lockdown mode? Please write it down on paper and continue to write ……
    5. Talk/smell your plants/tree inside the home or your garden or parks/nature you can still walk: please ensure all your plants/trees inside your home and garden healthy, they connect with human being with healing and calming force naturally.
    6. Reinforce your Feng Shui annual update: as most of you have updated your home with feng shui activation and cures since this January, this is great, as the energy fountain is stronger. Please clean all the feng shui items from the east, and south of your home and bless them with incense or Palo Santo wood to refresh them with gratitude. For those have not done the update, please make sure that you have metal element on the East Sector of your living room and bedroom to deflect the annual misfortune or serious sickness; and have a metal feng shui item on the south of your dining room or bedroom to counter the annual illness. Feng Shui metal cures and protection items include: Tibetan Singing bowl, metal wind chime, 6 of blessing rings, metal lotus or turtle or tree of life.

    7: Strengthen the water element in your living/dinning room, office/working area or family: as water can weaken the harmful metal energy of the lung illness, make sure the water element, such as your water fountain, water art work, bamboo plants with clear water, are in the right sectors (SW, NE) of your living/dining/family room or office/working station. Adding an essential oil diffuser inside your bedroom or in the centre of your home will be helpful for the water’s soft yin nourishment and healing abilities. (lavender, jasmine, peppermint, grape seed, sweet almond, rosemary essential oil are highly recommended)

    8: Tap into your horoscope allies and annual mala for a team of protection: Thoroughly washing all your allies with clear warm water and organic soap, and place them together in the NW, West or NE sector of your family/dinning/living room, light a piece of Palo Santo wood or incense and circle them clockwise for 8 times with chanting protection from the heaven, people and earth. Then you can wear them or place them back to where they are according to our annual update.

    Note: To deflect sickness and illness more powerfully by month (April flying Stars Chart): in this difficult time, I will provide you with a monthly chart of April and we can practice monthly Feng Shui on top of the annual solution next week by an separate e-mail. I will set up a group meeting online by a professional conference program called Zoom, which I am still working and will be ready later this week.

    In the light of Mother Nature, Father Heaven, Cosmic Physician, Mighty Medicine Buddha and Lady Loving Kwan Yin, we are grateful for your unconditional love and support, we pray for the safety and good health, may we all come out of this stronger, wiser and more accomplished!


    Namaste! Love/Maggie

    March 2020 Ottawa