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Wow, it is almost summer here! It will be a perfect time to smudge the old energy away and refresh our life with new vision and blessing! Feel free to send us any question relating to feng shui to improve your health, love and career luck, and we are right here with new solution and tools!
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    News — New year 2021

    Golden Ox Annual Feng Shui Workshop

    Golden Ox Annual Feng Shui Workshop


    Annual New Year workshop of our constructive Golden OX

    Chinese New Year of the Golden Ox arrives at Feb. 12, Friday 2021   Farewell such a pandemic year of 2020 and cheers for what we have walked through and how much we have learned, relearned and self-realized! We have never been alone along our Feng Shui path even when we are self- isolated. May the sun and moon bless all of us with love, light, health and happiness!

    With the Covid-19 vaccine planting firmly on the ground, our hard working, perseverant metal Ox will set to move forward and cut through all the blockages/challenges along our new year 2021. As well as build a new structure that will bridge us into the new horizon. Where we can take off, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, reaching to a new height!

    Based on the birth chart of 2021, there is plenty of water, earth and metal resources for us to cultivate, construct and grow. We can also tap into the fire and wood from our nature, living space and spirit to uplift health and happiness, and to activate wealth and success!

    As well, there is great shift in the centre of all of our homes/offices from unstable or loss of the past year 2020 into good heaven luck & solid leadership/ guidance of this new year 2021!  Which we can all benefit from!

    Seeds in your palms, forests in the mountains!  it will be a year of many surprises with potential rewards for those who can follow the energy wheel between heaven, people and earth and stay focused.  Big wealth/success can come to those who keep working on the task at hand and being motivated with your strategy plan of true vision instead of your emotions or feelings. Year of Golden Ox always indicates years where hard work and perseverance combined with a little bit of heaven luck/ faith pays off.  

    Let's get started with Maggie with her Feng Shui New Year workshop of the Golden Ox for health and happiness!

    Dates:  Sundays January 10, or Sat. January 16 or Saturday 23rd , Or 30rd Sat. from 10:30 to 4:30pm   

    Registration: Register on line with payment option or Call/e-mail:

    613 286 2806 Payment can be e-transfer to: fengshuiottawa@rogers.com

    Namaste with love and light!                        

    Maggie Xiao Ying Huang