Year of the Sheep

Good and Bad Feng Shui Sectors for the

Year of the Sheep 2015


Flying Star Feng Shui – A journey of awareness and realization


In the world of Feng Shui, the world of energy, there are three dimensions, 1st is space , 2nd is time and 3rd is people. Space is our home and work place; time is the present moment (in this case the year of the Sheep 2015), and people live in-between. It is the interaction of these three energies that connect us with up and down, happiness and success or sadness and failure. Each year the energies fly around and change position. While the volatile year of the horse (2014) is finishing its course, the new year of the sheep (2015) is just starting with a good sense of awareness and realization.

The Sheep Year starts on Feb. 19th, 2015. This indicates a quiet, gentle year in which family matters are the priority. It shall be a year for building foundations, consolidating and diplomatic negotiations, rather than launching new projects or making dramatic changes. Being caring, supportive, creative and aware of something beyond the surface will be very helpful to end the year (2014) with harmony and happiness. Although leadership and clarity will be stronger than last year, the water and metal elements are weak while the fire and wood elements are too strong, so the imbalance of the 5 elements may bring misunderstand, confusion and sudden unexpected outcomes under a quiet and gentle surface.

Therefore, balancing the fire and wood, and strengthening the metal and water elements in the right sectors of your living space should be your focus to ensure a good journey. Tap into the good heaven mentor luck for guidance and prosperity with magical gemstones which will offer great new year solutions.

The Sheep Year brings victories to men in power and relationship luck is also very promising. Business related to earth and fire elements are going well, such as construction, real estate, minierals and electronics and technology. Business related to water and metal will be weak, such as financial markets, transpotation, hotels and retail.


Sectors of your Home or Office for the Year of the Sheep :


 Prospeity and Wealth 8 (North)

Homes that have an entrance, living room or bedroom in the North sector will benefit from the energy of prosperity and wealth this year. The middle son of the family will be particularly open to this wealth luck.

Education Luck / Social Network and Love Luck 4 (NW)

The NW brings great love luck to men/particularly the eldest son of the family, as well as good social networking at the work place.

Cash Flow and Career Luck 1 (East Sector)

The auspicious energy of the east brings good cash flow and career luck this year. Particularly for eldest son in the family and mature male leaders in the work place. It also benefits those born in the year of Rabbit.

Future Success and Growth Luck 9 (SW Sector)

The heaven luck lands in the SW sector with fame and future success luck. It brings good fortune to the business and growth to projects.

Heaven Luck and Mentor Luck 6 (NE Sector)

Extremely good heaven and mentor luck will visit the NE sector in 2015. This directly benefits the youngest son and those born in the year of the Tiger or OX.

Violent or Unstable Energy 7 (South Sector)

The South has a negative influence from nature in 2015. This indicates powerful enhancements are required.

Illness Energy 2 (SE Sector)

The Illness Star of 2 is affecting the eldest dauhter of the family as well as Snake and Dragon people.

Five Yellow Misfortune Energy 5 (West Sector)

This is the most feared energy in the Feng Shui annual chart as it brings severe misfortune and bad luck. Powerful remedies are required.

Disagreement Energy 3 (Centre Sector)

The entre of year of the Sheep brings quarrels, fights, aggravation and misunderstanding to families and the core of business’. It may shake up the foundation and the integrity family or work of a team and bring sudden disturbance from below the quiet surface.


Feng Shui can reduce the effects of negative energy in sectors and enhance positive energy in sectors of your home and office. As well as, reducing afflictions and negative engeries and enhancing positive energy the benefits can be achieved with the use of practical techniques which can be easily implemented.

With a basic floor plan and a facing compass reading of your home (or office) join Maggie Huang at one of her Feng Shui annual Sheep Workshop.

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I wish you an auspicious new year. Good health and good Feng Shui to all!

Maggie Huang
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