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Ottawa’s Source for Asian Products

In our quest to bring harmony to your daily lifestyle, East Wind Ottawa locations offers a variety of products from and about Asia.

Casual to Dressy

Here you can find colourful, handmade clothing made from its own unique combination of fabrics and sporting free-spirited Asian flair. Check out our organic cotton T-shirts with Chinese characters and poems. Luxuriate in our rainbow of scarves made of Thai and Vietnamese silk, pashmina and rayon.

Achieve Harmony

As you can see from this list, our commitment to health, balance, and positive energy (Chi) extends to the earth – we offer a variety of organic products. Stop in and browse our fascinating inventory, which includes:

Green tea;
Japanese tableware;
Kimonos and other Asian-inspired clothing (organic silk, cotton);
Healing crystals and gems;
Organic paper (Japanese and Tibetan paper, paper jewellery);
Calligraphy supplies;
Buddha boards and Tibetan singing bowls;
Sand pictures;
Zen gardens.

Creative Sources

East Wind is proud to bring you enticing designs by respected creators of Eastern-style art. From practical items like cell phone cases and shoulder bags to more whimsical fare, we know you’ll enjoy finding these products at East Wind:


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