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Feng Shui – Workshops 

Fall is just around the corner ! With fewer outdoor chores and activities to distract, it is a great time to learn new things.  In East Wind, we are delighted to offer the following workshops :

Join Maggie Huang, Master Feng Shui practitioner and consultant, trained with the world famous Feng Shui master and author Lillian Too.

Registration: call 613-729-9191, or email : eastwindottawa@rogers.com, or drop in to the store: 361 Richmond Rd

(1) Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshop 

Based on Compass and Flying Star Feng Shui, there are different energies interacting in 9 sectors & directions in our living/working space in each year.

Maggie will guide you into the world of the singing bowl and walk you through how to use a Tibetan Singing bowl to cleanse and deflect the negative energy in your living/working space in this present year of the Fire Rooster, which can set the foundation to welcome balance, success and happiness.

As well, based on the Chinese astrology system, Maggie will show you the map of magnetic placement of 12 animals and how to identify your own sign and understand your own nature and unique characteristics. The workshop will show you how the connections between heaven, people and earth relate to meditation with Tibetan singing bowl for inner peace, well being and heaven protection and guidance.

When:      TBD, 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Where:     361 Richmond Rd. (Westboro) Ottawa

Cost:         $78.00

(2) Feng  Shui Workshop for Beginners
(Two days, Level 1 & Level 2 )

This workshop will give participants an overview, including the history and fundamentals of Feng Shui (landforms, celestial animals, yin and yang, and Five Elements). You will also get an overview on the different Feng Shui schools and how to choose wisely in order to avoid confusion.

Other topics include the application of the Tai Chi energy map and personalized compass Feng Shui. Those are the most practical and powerful approaches to match your personal energy with your home or any given space, and to energize different sectors of your life for well-being, health, career, relationship, family and wealth.

When: Level 1 – March 24,  Sat, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Level 2 – March 31, Sat, 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

Where: 361 Richmond Road (Westboro)

Cost: $138.00 for level 1, $168 for level 2

• light refreshments will be served

(3) Feng shui Consultation workshop
(two days, Level 1 & Level 2)

This is a practical hands-on session in which you will work on your own home/apartment/office using powerful Compass School Feng Shui techniques.

Bring a floor plan of your own home/office (one for each floor). This plan should show exterior windows and doors and the interior layout of rooms. Note: this is not an architectural plan. You should also take a compass reading from the front door of the house/apartment (facing out).

Based on the fundamentals of Maggie’s Workshop for Beginners, this workshop will further explain the three major components of the Actual/Personalized Compass Feng Shui formula, as follows:

Five Elements, the meanings of Eight Trigrams of the Ba Gua and its interpretation on the Personal energy and space energy, as well as the concepts of Ying & Yang.

Armed with the Gua Formula, which can help every one find his/her personal energy, the personal heaven luck. The Ba Gua compass is then used to map out nine different sectors of your house/office, in order to understand what type of chi (energy) exists there and how it interacts with your personal energy. When there is negative energy, there will be remedies and solutions presented. When there is good energy, there will be enhancements and activation solutions.

With this scientific and practical approach to Feng Shui, you can practice Feng Shui with confidence and leave no room for doubt. At that point life is being fulfilled in its natural way, which leads to prosperity and harmony.

When:  Level 1 – Saturday, TBD, 10:30 am  to 4:30 pm
Level 2 – Saturday, TBD, 10:30 am to 3:30 pm

Where: 361 Richmond Rd. (Westboro), Ottawa.

Cost: $188 for either level

• light refreshments will be served

(4) Feng Shui Pendulum Workshop – Guidance, Divination and Positive Energy Flows

In the world of Feng Shui, the world of energy, there are 3 dimensions: the spatial dimension, the temporal dimension and the human dimension. It is the interaction of these three dimensions that brings quality to our living spaces. As the fire Rooster year (2017) is promising us a good new path to success and Happiness. Let’s make our connection and to be  guided to another fruitful year.

The good balance of the Five Elements in the Rooster Year can bring a solid foundation for our new horizon.  It is a good year to ask for help from the natural energy source with our lovely magical pendulums.  They have been used throughout the ages for divination and determining the answers which the mind does not know.

Pendulums can be part of any great year’s good resolutions for an improved quality of life, when you learn how to consult them for their divination power! Please bring a floor plan of your house/office with a compass reading (facing out of the front door/entrance) and join Maggie Huang for this unique workshop presented from a Feng Shui prospective.

Maggie will walk you through your personal space and point out the best locations and directions for you according to your birth energy chart as well as how to consult the pendulum to answer questions, both present and future. Using a pendulum can infuse this year with balance, harmony and can be a foundation for good health and happiness.

When:          TBD

Where:        361 Richmond Rd. (Westboro), Ottawa.

Cost:             $68.00

Personalized Feng Shui workshops and consultations are available, please enquire.




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