Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Joyful Feng Shui Wind Chimes


Make the Wind Sing


Beside the intrinsic beauty and charming melodies of these-hand tuned metal wind chimes, they can be used to enhance life through the application of proven Feng Shui principals.

In the world of Feng Shui, energies have color, shape, preferred sectors, directions, form and texture based on the Five elements theory. These are elements are Metal, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire.

Here are some Feng Shui benefits of our tuned metal wind chimes:

  • maximize positive energies with tuned metal, 6 or 8 tube, hollow, wind chimes as these numbers enhance good heaven luck and prosperity according to the book of I Ching. Hear the difference these melodious, soothing, meditative chimes create.
  • Locate in auspicious sectors or facing directions according to the magnetic earth energies of the earth. At another level, placement can be tailored to maximize benefits of your personal living spaces, inside and outside, to achieve the best results.
  • They connect/cultivate us with creativity, leadership, and the strength of teamwork which it breaks through blockages and difficulties.
  • They bring harmony, transformation and positive energy; activate protection, cleanse the negative energy and uplift life with good wellbeing and happiness.



Here are some general placement guidelines:

  • North West for good leadership and creativity and uplifting energy.
  • West for protection and happiness.
  • North for wealth and career luck.
  • North East for good heaven luck.


Visit East Wind, listen to their melodies and take one home to enjoy and enhance.


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