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Dr David Warnock-Smith is a Lecturer for the Department of Logistics Operations and Hospitality Management Right here he comments on the air travel delay ruling from a Liverpool County Court judge concerning Jet2, which has in turn, opened the method for payment payments to be paid to all travelers in the EU who have actually experienced lengthy air travel hold-ups. This time, there was a horrible delay, where no-one had informes us flights flights of why the delay had actually taken place in the very first place, and the departure time kept getting pressed back on the screen without a single description from the personnel – i tried asking but they obviously were not informed. The Supreme Court in the UK has stated that claims to do with global carriage by air” have to be brought within 2 years.

As a result, for the past few years, Thomson Airways has actually been one of the best carrying out airlines in the UK and has actually had the ability to keep the title of the majority of on-time charter airline company. Very occasionally, however, and regardless of our very best efforts to prevent hold-ups, they can happen and we are truly sorry that your flight was delayed in the way that you have described.flight delay compensation outside eu

I just recently took a trip to Singapore from London Heathrow with Emirates Airlines and my flight was delayed by 48 minutes causing me to miss my connection in Dubai. Hi My spouse and 2 children were recently delayed for a ryanair flight from bristol airport to Girona for 11 hours due to technical issues with the aircraft that they wedre packed onto and consequently unloaded. Ryanairs web site states they do not provide monatary payment for delays can you kindly verify if this is best and can they specify that if other airline companies do give compensation.

EasyJet are refusing to pay payment on the basis that it was a technical fault with the Flight Control Elevator which triggered the safety problem and this was for that reason an amazing situation. Engineers had to fly over from UK to repair it. We were taken to a (dreadful) hotel for the night and after that delayed almost 2 hours once again the next morning. There was no response from Thomas Cook, so I wrote yet once more, referring to the case of Jet2 v Huzar.

They sent me a text message 2 hours into the hold-up informing me of the delay and to enjoy the screens for further details. Yes they subtract 25 % of payment however to me its free money, and most importantly, TC have currently confirmed they will settle the claim. My return air travel from the faroe islands was postponed by 3 1/2 hours and for that reason influenced my air travel from london later that day back home, I needed to alter my flight time and basically buy a brand-new ticket on a later air travel. I have actually emailed the airline in the Faroe Islands re a payment claim (ruling eu261).

Our flight was expect to be about 11ish but kept getting delayed however they require something was wrong as we just weren’t enabled to go through to the departure lounge. As Air Canada Rouge is NOT an EU airline company and the air travel was not departing from an EU airport you are not entitled to any compensation under the EU261 judgment. This issue was considered in the Jet2 v Huzar ruling handed down by the Court of Appeal on 11 June 2014. Jet2 have now sought leave for a further appeal, so the last impact might not be clear for lots of months yet.

The Court chose that the technical fault in the case, specifically an electrical wiring problem in the fuel valve circuit which could not have been avoided by previous maintenance or prior visual evaluation, was not amazing”, and payment was due. Provided this uncertainty, we mean to delay handling of your compensation claim up until we have had more clarification from the Supreme Court.