(past) 2017 Fire Rooster

Feng Shui 2017 the Year of the Fire Rooster

A promising year of taking off to a new destination and victory



In the world of Feng Shui, the world of energy, there are three dimensions. The 1st is space , 2nd is time and 3rd is people. Space is our home and work place; time is the present moment (in this case the year of the Rooster 2017), and people live in-between. It is the interaction of these three energies that connect us with up and down, happiness and success or sadness and failure. Each year the energies fly around and change position. While the restless year of Monkey (2016) is ending, the new year of the Fire Rooster (2017) is just starting with good promises of plenty of growth and victories!

The Rooster Year starts on Jan. 28th, 2017. The strong fire of this rooster year brings significant change of energy for all of us and the water energy star brings harmony and abundance of good resources. As well, with the good balance of the Five Elements of our rooster year will provide a strong foundation for us to reach a new level and redefined new destination!

The victory star of 1 flies into the center of the year’s Flying Star Feng Shui chart indicating new beginnings for many. It will be a great year to make changes in any area of life for most of people! Be confidant, determined and ready to grab opportunities and take on new challenges along your journey. This will lead you to a really good year at the end!

Eldest daughers and women in their 40s – 50s are doing well, so promotion & success comes naturally for them; the eldest son will do well in their career and youngest son will excel in academics ; but the father, top authority will be weak, as will the marriage luck. Business related to wood and fire elements will do well, such as education, forest industry, health& well being buiness, electronics and technology. Business related to water will be very strong as well, such as hotel, service/retail and transportation; but the metal and earth elements will be weak, such as real estate, financial markets and mining industries.

Please bring your floor plan to the workshop with a facing compass reading of your home (or office) and join Maggie Huang for her Feng Shui annual Fire Rooster Workshop.

Sectors of Your Home or Office for 2017


Prosperity and Wealth 8 (east)

Homes that have an entrance, living room or bedroom in the East sector will benefit from the energy of prosperity and wealth this year. The eldest son of the family will be particularly open to this wealth luck. Display a jade stone/red happy Buhhda with an amehtyst cluster in this sector for those who are born in the year of the rabbit, tiger and rooster.

The number 8 will be the magic number in this sector and tap into maximum good energy. When it comes to wealth and finances, placing 8 selenite stones or citrine points will be sure to attract success. Or create a wealth jar/bowl with an abundance of gemstones and lucky money and place it in the East sector of the family room or bedroom, to grow wealth. As well, keep the East room of the house bright with a selenite mountain lamp for happiness and to increase wealth.

Education Luck / Social Network and Love Luck 4 (NE)

NE brings great love luck and acadenic luck to youngest son of the family, as well as good social network at the work place. Place 4 bamboo plants stocks/water fountain with 4 green (adventurine) gemstones or 4 blue (lapis) gemstones or 4 paint brushes and a symbol of dragon. You can also place a double happiness symbol in the NE of the house or office to activate relationship luck or team work luck. Hang a green crystal ball with 4 blessing rings to activate the love luck and social network luck. Placing a sand picture in this sector will balance the weak earth element in this year, this will activate creativity and harmony.

New Beginning and Victory (Center Sector)

The auspicious energy of the the white star 1 flies to the center, which will benefit everyone under the roof. Placing a victory horse, 6 blessing coins and new journey coin with 6 selenite rocks in or symbols of good fotune, such as double happiness, success , dream, love and good health here to activate success and a new path. Or move your working desk to the center of the room and place a water fountain on the desk to activat the carreer luck.


Future Success and Happiness 9 (South East Sector)

The heaven luck lands in the SE sector with fame,future success and happiness. It brings good fortune to business and growth to other projects. Hang a purple/green/red crystal ball in the window or ceiling corner to connect and attract. Place a crystal selenite lamp or a bamboo fountain with 9 jade stones to activate this kind of luck. It is best to display 9 gemstones of fire and wood elements to strengthen the future growth of any project or business. As well, it is beneficial to invite a Kwan Yin with an amethyst cluster. This will be great place to enhance those who were born in the year of the dragon or snake to reinforce their personal luck. Eldest daughter and women in their 40 – 50s can tap into success , promotion and good projects.

Heaven Luck and Mentor Luck 6 (North Sector)

Extremely good heaven and mentor luck will visit the North sector in 2017. It is the indirect wealth star bringings unexpected good fortune. This directly benefits the middle son and those born in the year of the Rat. To tap into the power of heaven, hang a metal wind chime and 6 blessing rings or 6 smooth selenite palm stones/spheres on the north sector of the living/dinning room or office. Place a silver or copper Tibetan Sining bowl with 6 blessing rings in the north sector of the living room or family room to connect and uplift good energy.

Violent or Unstable Energy 7 (SW Sector)

The SW has a negative influence for 2017. This indicates robbery, financial loss and violence. To protect the family and deflect this negativity, make sure to keep the SW of the house calm and peaceful: place a blue bowl of Himalaya sea salt water, hang a sandalwood mala and Lady of Compassion Kuan Yin for protection. The harmful energy is particularly bad for the sheep and monkey people who need to wear their jade allies (horoscope or personal amulet), and also place 3 Guardians: Rat, smoky quartz, and lapis in the SW of the living room/office to protect against negative energy. Place a bowl of Himalaya sea salt with sage is a great cleanser.

Illness Energy 2 (NW Sector)

The Illness Star of 2 is affecting elder man/the leader in the family and business; those born in the year of dog and boar in particular. To protect and counter off this sickness, you can hang 6 tubed metal wind chime in the NW on the main floor of your home and invite a Tibetan Singing bowl and a metal Gourd to the NW sector for those who have their bedrooms in the NW sector. And hang a turquoirse stone mala with 6 blessing rings on the NW sector on the 2nd floor of your home to counter the illness off.


Five Yellow Misfortune Energy 5 (South Sector)

This is the most feared energy in the Feng Shui annual chart as it brings severe misfortune and bad luck. The best way to counter this energy is simply to vacate the room afflicted by it. Do not play loud music or have the television here. Do not dig in the south of your garden and do not cut down any trees there this year. Display a Tibetan Singing Bowl or hang a 6 metal tubed wind chime with a harmonious tune or a metal Gourd to remedy the situation. Avoid having your bed in the South sector or a south pointing direction. For the middle daughter or middle aged peolple and those born in the year of horse should wear/carry a sandalwood mala, copper bangle, Jade allies or Lapis, or Hematitte amulet.

Disagreement Energy 3 (West Sector)

The year of the Rooster brings quarrels, fights, aggravation and misunderstanding to the younger daughter of the families and the new staff of a business. Hang a 6 tubed metal toned wind chime/place a Tibetan singing bowl on west sector of the house or office to counter off disagreement, and invite a Large Red Happy Budhha to this sector to be very helpful. Display a symbol of harmony or tranquility to balance this and place a healing crystals rock lamp in this sector to keep the disagreeble wood under control.


Take care of yourself and your family as well as your house and office

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